How do you guarantee security?

The main goal of our product is to protect your interests. It's not only our job but passion. Your files are not stored in our system. File transfer is carried out by a secure request and response.

My colleague did a test on your website. It seems that after the watermarking process the mesh has been moved to 0,0,0. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. Right now our program is centering the model, but this feature can be removed. Please keep in mind that we "round" the coordinates of all grid points to 4 numbers of decimal points, e.g. 4 for epsilon of 0.0001.

What happens to a 3D model with a watermark when it’s 3D printed?

Nothing, the watermark doesn’t affect the geometries of the model.

How does it work with more complex shapes with multiple components?

The more complex the model is, the better the protection of the watermark.

Can you cut a watermarked 3D model into two or more sections, and then test those sections individually?

Most manipulations of watermarked models won’t change it. After cutting the model in two or more parts, there is a high probability that each part will still contain the watermark.

What if you add more than one watermark to a file? Does this replace the original watermark?

If a password was used for the original watermark, a new watermark will not replace the original watermark. In other words there will be two marks with different passwords.

Is it possible to erase a watermark from the file?

Most manipulations of watermarked models won’t change the watermark. However, if the mesh is completely changed (e.g. remeshing), the watermark will disappear, but such changes are likely to affect the geometry of the 3D model which sometimes can be critical to the outcome of the finished product. Nevertheless, without a password, it’s impossible to find out if a watermark is on the file or not. In addition, we're still working on improving Watermark 3D.

Is Watermark 3D only useful for authors of 3D models?

There are many ways that a watermark can be helpful. For instance, let’s say that a company hires a freelance designer to make a 3D model. After completing the 3D model, it’s sent to a third party such as 3D printing services, marketplaces or users. Watermarking the file each time before sending it to a third party can help to pinpoint exactly which party was responsible for the violation.

How Watermark 3D works on Treatstock.com

How Watermark 3D works on Treatstock.com

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