Free software application for watermarking 3D files

Intellectual Property protection tool for 3D models

Encrypt credentials into 3D files published through your platform. Maintain the trust of your creators and buyers through the originality of the designs.

How our API works

Why should we care?

There are millions of 3D designers who rely on marketplaces, stores and file sharing services to have their work protected. Security of author rights is one of the key factors in choosing a platform for sharing and selling 3D models.

On the other hand, buyers want to be confident that the assets they purchase are original and won’t be sold anywhere else.

Striving for publishing, selling and buying original 3D models is critical for keeping the industry up and growing.

How our API works


Creator uploads a file to your platform


The file goes to our server, where we apply a unique watermark and check credentials


The marked file is returned back to you


If credentials don’t match, you and the original author get notified


Mark new 3D objects before they are used

• Apply a watermark to start tracking copies of a model
• Add author credentials to a file*

Check credentials to ensure assets are rightfully used

• Find out if a file was marked before by anyone else
• Spot potentially suspicious credentials

Notifications of IP violations

• Get notified of violation attempts and files with unoriginal credentials
• Inform creators about whom, when and where tried to use their files**

*Watermark 3D uses an email address as the main credential.
**We use the credentials provided upon first watermarking of a file to notify users about attempts to mark the same files by someone else.




  • 10 uploads per day
  • 50 uploads per month
  • Free mode 
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or $49/month

  • Unlimited uploads per day
  • 1000 uploads per month
  • Advanced mode 


Custom Pricing

  • Unlimited uploads per day
  • 1000+ uploads per month
  • Advanced mode 

Watermark 3D API is created for

3D files marketplaces
Game assets stores
File sharing platforms
Online Portfolios

Why choose Watermark 3D?


Watermarking and checking the credentials doesn’t take more time than a regular file upload


Your workflow goes as usual, while we contact the original author if their rights are violated


Our watermarking solution has no known analogs on the market

And growing

We are gradually adding new formats and features


STL, OBJ*, GLB*, DAE/Collada* files are supported.
* - beta mode

The technology behind the process

Simply stated, Watermark 3D is a unique system for embedding hidden information into a 3D file without any structural changes or visual marks. The watermark can only be detected if the 3D file is uploaded to Watermark 3D and with the correct password. Compare it with traditional watermarks on banknotes where the identifying patterns are only visible when the note is held against a light. As for 3D models, our watermarks are near impossible to detect or duplicate.

  • No damage to the original model
  • Hidden
  • Secure